This portion of the site contains radio and TV dial guides for the Arbitron/Nielson markets serving Iowa.  This guide is not inclusive of every station that can be received in the market.  It does include radio stations that one may be able to receive either by seek/scan of a car radio, on a walkman, or on an alarm clock radio.  This guide only lists full power television stations.  If there are omissions or corrections please e-mail

Stations in bold type are stations within the market.  Stations in regular type are either out of market stations or are in the market but can only be received in limited areas.

This section will be undergoing some reconstruction, as we combine some pages and eliminate others. If you can’t find your city in the Dial Guide, try our new “Broadcast Cities” page.


Cedar Rapids/Iowa City

Des Moines/Central Iowa
includes:Fort Dodge and vicinity


Mason City/Clear Lake
includes:Rochester/Austin/Albert Lea, MN and vicinity

Omaha/Council Bluffs

Quad Cities
includes: Burlington

Sioux City
includes:Sioux Falls, SD and vicinity

includes:Cedar Falls, Dubuque