The following are the applications filed for FM translator moves during the FCC’s window allowing translators to move up to 250 miles to relay an AM station. This list will be updated with additional applications as they come in.

The list shows the proposed community of license, station to be rebroadcast, translator frequency, and Wattage linked to the entry at with a coverage map. The current translator callsigns, frequencies, and communities of license are being omitted due to irrelevance.(Iowa Licenses Only)

Ames, IA: KASI/1430, 94.1, 250W GRANTED (to be licensed to Des Moines but transmit from Ames)

Boone, IA: KDLF/1260, 101.5, 250W GRANTED

Cedar Rapids, IA: KMJM/1360, 101.5, 250W GRANTED

Davenport, IA: WFXN/1230 (Moline), 92.1, 250W GRANTED

Estherville, IA: KILR/1070, 97.3, 250W GRANTED

Iowa City, IA: KXIC/800, 92.1, 250W GRANTED

Ottumwa, IA  KBIZ/1240, 102.7 250W  GRANTED

Sioux Center, IA: KSOU/1090, 101.5, 250W GRANTED

Waterloo, IA: KNWS/1090, 92.7, 250W GRANTED

Waukon, IA: KFXE/1160, 96.7, 250W GRANTED

Waverly, IA: KWAY/1470, 96.3, 250W GRANTED (to be licensed to Davenport but transmit from Waverly)