FCC Grants New Non-Commercial FM Stations

The FCC has started to grant applications for new non-commercial FM stations that have been identified as “singletons,” meaning they are not in competition with any other stations.

Here is a list of the new stations granted in Iowa, Southern Minnesota & Eastern Nebraska:


Glidden: Grace Baptist Church, 91.9, 600W/37m, class A (granted 2/5)

Hampton: Minn-Iowa Christian Broadcasting, 90.5, 25kW/72m, class C3 (granted 12/20)

Kalona: Mary’s Holy Voice, 89.5, 5.5kW/45m, class A (granted 12/20)

Manly: Iowa Public Radio, 90.7, 10kW/62m, class C3 (granted 1/13) (note: The FCC had earlier listed this as a “defective” application, but has now granted it.)

Mason City: St. Gabriel Communications, 89.3, 150W/68m, class A (granted 2/14)

Osage: Minn-Iowa Christian Broadcasting, 89.7, 25kW/85m, class C3 (granted 2/14)

Wapello: The Association for Community Education, 90.7, 200W/133m, class A (granted 12/20)